Keeping in mind the current scenario we may not realize but our body and mind perpetually require cleansing, recuperating and nourishment. Our immunity enhancing retreat will help you to feel rejuvenated and will prepare your body and mind to fight with all unexpected challenges which our current situations throws at us . Our finely crafted program will help you to boost up your immune system and will help you to detoxify you whole system  . It  avail you to sanctions a well deserved break to your body from hard hitting routine and activate the self rejuvenating capabilities to bring in the balance as needed to repel you from the jeopardy of lifestyle disorders ,gentle dietary change, and vary the length of the program in accordance with your schedule . We believe that our immune enhancing program will reboot your entire well-being.

Our body has Astonishing potent self rejuvenating capabilities. Our immunity boosting retreat program focus to enhance your healing abilities. A stress free mind and relaxed body are the key for a great immune system. Our immune boosting therapies will help you to feel extremely rejuvenated and revitalized. Our programs are ideal for anyone who is stressed out emotionally ,mentally or physically and requires times for solitude, fortifies and self reflection. Our programs are withal for felicitous for anyone suffering from health disorders including inordinate corpulence, high cholesterol, diabetes, apprehensiveness, low energy levels, menstruation quandaries, cardiovascular issues, arthritis, skin quandaries and stress cognate disorders.

Omatra brings a wealth of wellness retreats  and rejuvenating traditions infusing elements of Ayurveda, homoeopathy, yoga, massage, hypnotherapy and nutrition . Our program is engendered keeping your personal goals and lifestyle fascinates in mind so that permanent changes  can be established in one’s life.

6 Nights 7 Days Available on request Goa
What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the program

  • Welcome drink or meal  on arrival
  • Cozy and comfortable stay
  • Initial welcome consultation
  • Body composition analysis and vital sign test .
  • Doctors consultation
  • Colon cleansing
  • One personalized stress management session
  • One diet and nutrition consultation
  • Daily spa treatments
  • Daly fitness session
  • Daily yoga and meditation session
  •  All Nutritionally balanced meals/juices /broths  (vegetarian)
  • Relaxing drinks, calming drinks, immune boosting supplements and herbal shots .
  • Cooking workshop
  • Protective shield therapy 

What is NOT included in the program

  • Air or Road Travel to the Retreat Location
  • Visas and other permits
  • Any food & beverages outside the Retreat Program
  • Any Local Tours and Sight Seeing
What makes this tour special
  • Our personalized approach towards our guest goals are our top most priority
  • We understand your desiderata and craft each and every element of our programs according to your personalized goals
  • We give you a variety of holistic therapies from across the globe such as ayurveda ,yoga ,pranic rejuvenating ,fitness ,cogitation , hypnotherapy life coaching and vibration therapy etc . We believe in availing people to transform their lives

Program on all days


7:00 AM                       Cleansing drink and supplements

8:00 AM                        Yoga and Mediation

9:00 AM                        juices /supplements /smoothie /breakfast

10:00 AM                      Consultation /therapies /workshop

11:00 AM                      Holistic spa

1:00 PM                        Satvic lunch/juices / herbal drinks

3:00 PM                        Herbal ,alkaline and rejuvenating drinks

4:00 PM                       Fitness

6:00 PM                        Holistic spa

Pickup point
Retreat Location
Goa, India View on Map
Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw, Organic, Gluten Free, Satvik
Mountain, Forest
General Yoga, Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ashtang Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga