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3 Day Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Goa - Tour

3 Day Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Goa

  • Goa
  • 2 Nights 3 Days
Starting from ₹ 8,000

Bring a healthy change in your daily routine by doing a course at Ekant Yoga School in India which has been designed to bring you closer to spirituality and help you to relieve all your worries and stress.  Allow us to guide you through the fascinating alleys of Yoga where you will be discovering the magical secrets and philosophies of Yoga and adopt a healthy lifestyle and inspire others to achieve the same. Listen to the sound of nature with Ekant Yoga, unlike any other Yoga Retreats in Goa, a unique yoga program that focuses on deepening your yoga practice and achieving the perfect pose. At Ekant Yoga Retreat in Goa, you will be guided by some of the most experienced Yoga teachers of the country who, with their years of experience and high profile yoga education and practice, can help you to reach your target in a very short time. The programs focus on several yoga types, meditation, and philosophy sessions.

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6 Day Detox, Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Goa - Tour

6 Day Detox, Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Goa

  • Goa
  • 5 Nights 6 Days
Starting from ₹ 60,000

Transform yourself at a beautiful mesmerizing Holiday retreat in a luxurious beach resort in Goa. Including a wide variety of Yoga (Hatha and Yin), meditation, and many more classes, this Retreat is suitable even for beginners. People are searching for peace and harmony, and we offer you the perfect place to do so. 

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8 Day Yoga with Nature & Naturopathy Retreat In Kerala - Tour

8 Day Yoga with Nature & Naturopathy Retreat In Kerala

  • Kerala
  • 7 Nights 8 Days
Starting from ₹ 65,000

Looking for an opportunity to explore your relationship with nature? This retreat provides you exactly that. This retreat is designed to connect you to your body which is made of five elements with nature and experience spiritual healing. Kerala the land of beauty is described as the favorite child of nature, and famous for its breath-taking natural beauty. Major attraction are includes long coconuts tree, the blue mountain and rivers makes Kerala one of the greenest places ever seen. Wayanad, the green paradise is nestled among the mountains of the Western Ghats, forming the border world of the greener part of Kerala. Clean and pristine, enchanting and hypnotizing, this land is filled with history and culture. Located at a distance of 76 km. from the sea shores of Kozhikode, this verdant hill station is full of plantations, forests and wildlife. What you gain: Peace and quiet for the mind, refreshing energy for the body Rediscover yourself after too long of feeling disconnected Be more relaxed and refreshed than you’ve ever been A chance to get away and step aside from all the hustle and bustle of city life The ideal location to unplug and enjoy the beauty of nature Become stronger mentally and find inner peace  

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9 Day Yoga Retreat in Goa - Tour

9 Day Yoga Retreat in Goa

  • Goa
  • 8 Nights 9 Days
Starting from ₹ 75,000

8 nights in the birthplace of Yoga and Ayurveda – India. Yoga. Healthy Diet. Massage. Adventures. A chance to deepen and renew your yoga practice, through daily Vinyasa flow classes and workshops. Inclusions are Yin and restorative yoga with expert instructors, as well. Relax by the beach in your spare time and enjoy the stunning waves with sunsets. Indulge in tropical fruits such as mango, jackfruit, and papaya. Eat nourishing vegan/vegetarian food and learn more about healthy living and nutrition.  

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Omatra - Chakras Rebalance Retreat Lonavla - Tour

Omatra - Chakras Rebalance Retreat Lonavla

  • Lonavla
  • 6 Nights 7 Days
Starting from ₹ 75,000

This retreat is designed to help you strike the right notes of harmony between your mind, body and soul, your three Chakras. It help you to allow a well-deserved break to your body from the hard hitting routine and activate the self healing capabilities to bring in the balance as needed to keep you away from the risk of lifestyle disorders. The advantages of urban lifestyle in terms of technology, career, progress and growth also bring out its perilous side of pollution, junk food, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol abuse etc., adding to the toxicity in your body.  A toxic body is always coupled with tense mind and fatigued soul. A body that is ageing faster than your calendar age.   This program also helps you achieve positive results in helping combat your existing lifestyle disorders like diabetes, BP, Arthritis, Cardio-vascular problems, Gynaec issues and psychological issues. What you achieve ~ A better understanding of how to cope with lifestyle disorders Knowledge about the healing capabilities of your body A better digestive system Reduced level of toxins from the body and mind Reduced levels of stress Enhanced vitality and vigor Radiant Skin A superb feeling of lightness in the body Inch-loss and weight loss Total Rejuvenation for your mind body and soul Corrected PH Balance Enhanced flexibility in the body

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12 Day Transformational Retreat in Goa - Tour

12 Day Transformational Retreat in Goa

  • Goa
  • 11 Nights 12 Days
Starting from ₹ 115,000

A radiant soul exploration journey to transform and uncover your true purpose. Experience a great start to your life head. The serene ambiance of the retreat space promotes feelings of peace and joy, one can not help basking in its tranquil yet vibrant environment. What you gain: Paramjit will help you by bringing the clarity, joy, perspective and freedom to fully become who you were born to be, rebalance the body and mind, and connect you to your soul to hear its voice guiding you on an inward journey of transformation, achieving your true desires and living your purpose.

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12 Day Mukta Tantra Yoga of Kundalini, Chakra & Meditation in Goa - Tour

12 Day Mukta Tantra Yoga of Kundalini, Chakra & Meditation in Goa

  • Goa
  • 11 Nights 12 Days
Starting from ₹ 145,000

‘Mukta‘ means ‘free’ or liberated. ‘Tantra‘ is a science to crack the code of our true nature (pure consciousness, bliss or freedom). It is eternal and always free from body, mind and feelings. There is no goal to achieve rather experiencing the true bliss of life which is already there.   What you achieve: If you are an integrated learner or not just looking to get lost in philosophies then you can get an understanding of practical Asiatic and Indian Mysticism, and the psychology of meditation for non-dual way of living your day-to-day life in bliss Mukta’s wisdom is born out of an unconditioned mind of Asia. His passion is to share his practical understanding of the essence of Tantra and Indian Mysticism to students in a way that they can live their daily lives in the moment. After learning from him, you will find yourself and the world around you with a direct perspective Experience Tantric meditations from Shiva beyond body, mind and self You get to learn Ancient Tantric Vipassana from Shiva, and it is highly important to experience no-thinking or no-mind Get the spiritual knowledge and understanding of the Bandhas, Mudras, 7 bodies, 5 Pranas and their importance in relation to chakras and kundalini in asanas and on all other levels Gain the essence of the heart of Shiva’s teachings (the first God of India) to understand how false knowledge becomes the cause of suffering and learn how to drop all borrowed knowledge which is copied from outside to grow your true knowledge Learn how to be an integrated self who has true practical understanding through direct observation and self-inquiry Understand that life is not goal-oriented emotionally it is rather experiencing the true bliss of life here and now beyond all sufferings Learn for yourself how to live and sustain freely in this chaotic and competitive world and to express your freedom biologically, emotionally and mentally Understand that following blindly any system or anybody which are based on greed and hope in the future leads to all sorts of illusions and eventually breeds psychosomatic problems and unending slavery. Right doubting and inquiring is the essence of Mukta Tantra Yoga Tantra Yoga is there to use it, not to be used by it. You will experience that understanding of oneself helps to let go the self Our ritual is living choicelessly aware in the moment

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